Friday, 23 October 2009

Vogue's best ever issue?

Well maybe not, but I am not often so thrilled by Vogue!
Today did not start too well! My homemade soup leaked onto my Vogue this morning... And because of the postal strike, my copy only reached me last Friday. Well, I am so glad it finally came, as this "more dash than cash" issue is really inspiring!
I am filled with awe with William Tempest's take on tea towels: pure genius and great craftmanship! (and the print of the season!)

Loving the 80s feel of this pick-and-mix suit too:

I tend to be a little wary of updating vintage clothes and patterns, as they often loose what was vintage/ nice/ unique about them. But I was really drawn to the creative uptake on these vintage Vogue patterns. And only a few months ago, I nearly bought the same pattern that Miranda Almond used for this dress; but I had not realised that it could look so current! 

I had been making quite a few clutches in Liberty fabrics recently, so I was really pleased to see how Kate Phelan had used a Liberty floral print and a 1930s pattern and turned a very modern and edgy outfit!

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