Friday, 24 April 2009

Upbeat and playful colours

The economic downturn, the recession, job cuts… I really feel that I need to think and make things a little bit brighter but delicate, cheerful and playful to make me smile and enliven my days.
This week, I’ve been inspired by:
  • Alexandrer Girard’s wonderful wooden dolls. I especially love the one with the pink dress, the red shoes and the black bow
  • Acrylic “diamonds” in bubble gum pink
  • Architectural geometric shapes
  • Colourful wooden toy puzzles from Naef
  • the colours and feel of pure wool felt (pic from FeltCraftStudio)
  • anything pop and bright, like this lulu guiness cluctch
The results: I've started on a new range of brighter and rounder change purses with brightly coloured kisslock frames and golden bow or acrylic stones. Below: coral and pink, coffee and taupe, red and fawn:

Friday, 17 April 2009


This week, I have been obsessing about … apples. Their shape and graphic green or red have provided countless visual opportunities. Added to that, they are omnipresent in everyday’s speech and idiomatic phrases: the Big Apple, a rotten apple, “ the apple of [someone]’s eye” , the forbidden fruit, to compare apples and oranges, an apple of discord and so forth! I found this gorgeous paper weight last Tuesday at the amazing Sunbury Antiques Market and my apple fixation was revived!

A while ago, I had not resisted this cute tape measure (which the leaf pulls out = very useful!) on ebay.

I’m lusting about this red apple crystal paperweight by John Derian at Liberty:

This golden apple from MaisysMarket

And this adorable brass apple box from greenhearts

This gorgeous apple brooch from KatcherrFancy reminds me that I once bought a big chunky silver apple brooch brooch on a trip to NYC, which I had found rather fitting at the time!

And I have to admit that I do like Alice Temperley apple bags:

Well, they say an apple a day keeps the doctor away!

Thursday, 16 April 2009


Now that spring’s upon us, I’m going to take the plunge and start blogging... I'll post once a week on Fridays. Whilst I’ll keep it fresh and snappy, it’s going to be varied and visual... A little bits on my visual obsessions and fashion thoughts, what inspires me and maybe some tutorials... See you tomorrow!