Friday, 30 October 2009

L'Air du Temps & my all time love of doves

My mum used to wear this Nina Ricci perfume when I was small. I loved the two fluttering doves on the bottle cap. Nowadays, almost all fragrance bottles tend to look very angular, with diamond cut edges, or anything that spells "expensive" "luxurious" and so forth. This Lalique design is so different, it suggests feminity, grace, youth, whilst also refering the universal values of peace, purity, freedom and love. I really like the fragrance name as well: the air that we all breathe, the mood of the moment.
I think it was created in 1948 but there is nothing retro or overtyped about this perfume or its bottle. It is amazing how some designs do really transcend fashions.

Doves (and horses) feature heavily in my work, often as appliques, such as this candy floss pink leather pouch: 

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