Friday, 11 September 2009

Vintage reading...

Whilst I’m sadly not a great reader, I’m becoming a prolific collector of old sewing books, as well as old sewing patterns. I cannot quite say that I’m looking a learning new technique. I do use the books, but the fab illustrations are part of the attraction. I have just added the Golden Hands sewing encyclopaedia published by Collins in the early 1970s. At under £1 it is a real bargain! I love it so much that I yesterday ordered the knitting version – I can’t quite knit so yes, it could be useful… So as well as very practical home sewing knowledge, you get some lovely and very 70s illustrations:

great reversibles:

some great skirts cut from the same patterns:

pinks and corals - great colour combinations:

how to ruffle:

how maybe best not to measure:

figures types: not sure which one I am...

I’m also keen on old sewing patterns, but had to stop myself from purchasing these. Not only I can pattern cut most things that I would want to make, but I do not have all the time that I could wish.

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