Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Cooking and baking

I started my fencing class last night and because the class was only an hour long, I decided to go to see Julie and Julia at the Coronet in Notting Hill. I was a bit tired but really loved it. Well I would see anything with Meryl Streep anyhow!
I am not much into cooking myself and stick to making soups. But I used to bake quite a lot and somewhat don't anymore. I still love all the decorations, the silver beads, the flowers, the icing, the decorated cases, well I can get a little overwhelmed in the home baking aisle of a supermarket! Baking can be very relaxing too, but my kitchen is really too small and the cooker does not work properly... Plus, I seem to put on weight just at baking! My macaroons used to be pretty goods but now I tend to buy them. Watching the movie made me feel like baking again, and seeing this biscuit couple from Laduree tempts me to experiment more with decorations!

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