Friday, 18 September 2009

Fashion week...

As I stepped out for lunch today, the ubber trendy crowd outside sharply reminded me that fashion week has just started! The office is sandwiched between the two venues. My window has"views" to the Exhibition and the catwalks are happening on the other side. I am always in awe at the efforts some people make in the morning, it is rather inspiring. I must look really frumpy in comparison - but then I do not need to dress up for the day job, which is probably better. At last, I do not have clothes in my wardrobe that reminds further me that I do have a very very dull job, even if it is only temporary.
Looking at the fashion crowd I could feel a - slight - pang of envy... The day job seems even less engaging than usual despite the fact it's Friday...
So, to cheer myself up, I had a quick look at the online shows. I was pleased to see that bright colours were on the menu at Ashish:

Crazy animal prints, the star and stripes, bright pompoms, madly coloured fair-isle prints, and some gorgeous head pieces! Yes the Ashish woman must be fun-loving and does make an entrance! The fourth picture seems almost restrained!

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