Friday, 28 August 2009

Circus & the merry-go-round

Friday! Nearly a week since Craftacular - I had an amazing day and wish it was happening more often, maybe once a month or every Saturdays! I was lovely to meet so many shoppers and find many who like my crafty creations!

I walked passed Circus this morning, and was glad I had my camera with me! I love this shop - the clever mix of vintage industrial furniture, curious nic nacs, portrait oil paintings, religious statues and vintage garments.

Today was a especially good, as they had this one-of-kind merry-go-round! Tiny little horses, each named and painted in bright colours, ridden by tiny little dolls... Captivating!

Yesterday was quite good too, as I got lucky to see the pearly queens and kings of Clapham, Islington and Bermondsey. Oddly enough, I was discussing them last Sunday, as quite a large chunk of the east end culture seem to be disappearing; and I did not expect to see them in central London. I am not quite sure for which cause they were collecting.

Tomorrow I'm going on holiday for a week... and more badge making!

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