Tuesday, 2 February 2010

A Single Man ...

I have seen the poster quite a few time on the Bakerloo line on my way home, and now that I've just had a look at the trailer and I am ready for more! The images are so stunning, Julianne Moore is so beautiful, the costumes are amazing... It is so evidently stylish! A bit like a modern Douglas Sirk? Moore had looked amazing in the modern remake of Sirk's All that Heaven Allows. Personally, I am less keen on Firth, but this role seems to break from his usual screen persona. 
I had loved the atmoshphere caputured in Nowhere Boy and can't get enough to Mad Men! I'm really loving this retro trend, soI'm thrilled there are so much of it at the moment. Maybe people are feeling quite nostalgic. I love fashion and costume but do not have a real preference for an era. Whilst I have long been able to see, admire and wear the clothes of the late 50s and early 60s, it is nice to have to (nearly) "feel" the astmosphere of the era.

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