Wednesday, 3 February 2010

A moment to ponder... the Givenchy couture show

Looking at images of the Paris couture show, I am in awe with Riccardo Tisci work for Givenchy. The video perhaps gives a bitter indication of how stunning the fabrics are, and it is a bit sad that like many, I will never see and feel the clothes for real...  I was less keen on the jewel colours of the later part of the show (and the über Hollywood look!) but was very impressed with these, in particular with the frilly sleeves, and how gorgeous these looks with the shiny shorts. To me, this is very Little Lord Fauntleroy! The frills on the dress above are so amazingly well-made, the close up images are quite something. Welll, I guess that's what couture is all about, supreme craftmanship and creative spirit!
There are no frills coming on my new designs! But one piece of fabric I had printed pomises to be quite glorious! It is in transit over the atlantic right now!

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