Thursday, 3 November 2011

Things I miss about Britain...

the creativity!

When I lived in London, I never had too far to go to be charmed by the creative spirit of others! 

Whilst I'm not obsessed with Grayson Perry's vases, I still admire his creative spirit and quite like the way "Claire" (his alter ego) dresses... It's mostly the granny look, but with nice quirks. 

This is  the dress he created for the Liberty National Treasures auction. The quilting on the bust is interesting, it reminds me of Jean-Paul Gauthier's bustier for Madonna... in a granny way! The dress is reversible, the circular quilting is more obvious in the dark lining, so I'm including both pictures. 

I was amused by the way he describes his design as the perfect mini-break dress: “As a transvestite, I have to pack for two people when travelling, so I hope this dress will solve my luggage space dilemma.” 

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