Thursday, 27 May 2010

Tangled up in bows! A practical/ technical dilemma

I've been using bows for quite a while on my purses and clutches , but I'm struggling to find the "right" ones! I initially used some large metal bows, with an ultra shiny finish (see below), but the supplier went out of business and I could not find anyone who sells/ makes them. So I've been using smaller golden bows, which have a bit of a vinage look, but they're not really pop out. I have been thinking of experimenting with bright plastic bows such as these ones below but I'm not quite sure how it would work. Would it not look a bit cheap? I bought one of these giant white bows to experiment, but the finish is not perfect, you can see strands of plastic from the casting. I also like the simpler bows but there are flatbag, with no sewing hole, so I'm not quite sure how I could attach them.. .
I would love to hear everyone's views, or if anyone could suggest someone who does metal fitting, please do let me know!

This was one of my original chunky bow:


  1. Actually I love the last metallic bows. They look very cute. Those first ones where also nice, but last ones are sweeter.
    Plastic ones are cute also, but may really look cheap.. I agree with you here. Check these shops on ETSY for "Gold Bow":

    I hope it helps!

  2. Many thanks for your comment, MandarinaDuck! I'm very grateful for your suggestions, the time you took to respond!