Friday, 4 December 2009

Folksy Sue Ryder - Upcyle Christmas

Finally, my entry for the Folsky/ Sue Ryder competition is complete:

This cuddly little pig is made of pure wool (guaranteed! See below).
He measures approximately 29 cm long, has some old plastic buttons for the eyes, his snout is made of soft light pink cotton velvet. And because he's so sweet, he has a winner red and pinks rosette.
A while ago, I purchased two pieces of wool fabric to felt it… A red one “boiled” (not in a good way), and the other felted far too much! Whilst the original fabric had been beige, it turned into an odd pink/beige … and it became really thick too! The flesh colour was clearly unsuitable for nice things, such as a pair of slippers... Needless to say the felt I now use come already “felted”. I kept the pieces in my fabrics box; I knew they would come handy one day! And indeed, this pink/beige one was ideal for this project, as I was not allowed to purchase anything new. 
***Upcycle Christmas is a competition for people to take second hand / charity stuff and make it into something ‘new’ and desirable to be sold at an online auction starting on the 7th December. All proceeds from the auction will go to Sue Ryder Care, the healthcare charity. ***

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