Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Lumberjack-style red checks shirt...


I love All That Heaven allows, especially the clothes worn by Jane Wyman and Rock Hudson! Hudson is a free-thinking gardener and is often seen wearing a lumberjack-style flannel shirt; she is the ultimate 1950s housewife, always impeccably chic. He is the archetype of cool, so that is no surprise that Jane Wyman fell for him!
I had wanted a similar red checks shirt for a while and intended to buy a vintage one. Last Saturday I found by chance some great (and cheap) cotton fabric at John Lewis. It is not flannel, but at£5 per meter, it was too reasonable to resit! The colouring is really good, the perfect red, with quite a bit of white and some thin stripes of yellow and navy blue. It will also save me hours of shopping in thrift stores and the like! And I needed a distraction from sewing clutch, so this is a new project. I am hoping to wear it next Saturday!
So far, most of the body is done, but I have yet to place the pocket and insert the sleeves. I  have never used press-stud buttons, so there's going to be a bit of hammering in my flat soon!


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