Friday, 24 April 2009

Upbeat and playful colours

The economic downturn, the recession, job cuts… I really feel that I need to think and make things a little bit brighter but delicate, cheerful and playful to make me smile and enliven my days.
This week, I’ve been inspired by:
  • Alexandrer Girard’s wonderful wooden dolls. I especially love the one with the pink dress, the red shoes and the black bow
  • Acrylic “diamonds” in bubble gum pink
  • Architectural geometric shapes
  • Colourful wooden toy puzzles from Naef
  • the colours and feel of pure wool felt (pic from FeltCraftStudio)
  • anything pop and bright, like this lulu guiness cluctch
The results: I've started on a new range of brighter and rounder change purses with brightly coloured kisslock frames and golden bow or acrylic stones. Below: coral and pink, coffee and taupe, red and fawn:

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